Swing Gates

A gate that swings in either direction and closes when released. A swing gate has one or two doors that swing open on hinges attached to poles. Swing gates are made-to-measure and are available in different styles and materials. There are also various options for operating them. Swing gates need the space of at-least 6% clear opening on either side for the gate for the gate leafs to swing while opening and closing.

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 Product Automatic Swing Gates
Gate Dimension
 Width Min. /Max. Single Leaf : 1/4mm Double Leaf :2/8mm
 Height Min. /Max. 1/21mm Larger Dimension on request
 Max. Number of Leaves Single Leaf:1 No
Double Leaf:2 No
 Available in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Wood, Aluminum,and Perforated Sheet.
 Material Aluminum and Galvanized steel
 Color Optional (red antique copper, bronze, rose golden etc)
 Size of upright column 1mm*1mm*2.mm
  Top tube 4mm*7mm*1.5mm
 Horizontal Tube 4mm*4mm*1.5mm
  Gate Size According customers requirements
 Standard up to the specific size of products

  Widly Applied to Enterprise, Factory, Park, School, University, Stadium...
Gate Structure
  Outer Frame Heavy Duty Box Section
Or as per the clients specific design
 Internal members Heavy Duty Vertical Box sections
Or as per the clients specific design
 Hinges High precision top & bottom pivoted hinges with ball bearing / heavy duty hinges
 Available gate material Mild Steel
Stainless Steel
Hot dip Galvanized Steel
Cast Iron
 Options Available Spikes as per customized requirement
Wicket gate/Side Gates in the similar pattern as the main gate
Inbuilt gate in the similar pattern as the main gate
Any type of Customized Design can be made on request.
Details for Automation System
 Drive Unit Electric Motor(Imported)
Single/Three Phase.
 Accessories Operational Accessories
Additional Push Button
Key switch
Remote Control with receiver
Magnetic Loop Detector
 Certification CE Special Color on request
 Protection Class IP44 – IP55


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