The rolling shutter made up PVS lathes/panels is called PVC rolling shutter. PVC rolling shutters add great aesthetic look with high security and are of low cost

Light Weight

Economic rolling shutter

Sturdy mounting

Without the need for a motor

Thermal Insulation


Low Maintenance

Screw Free

Easily Install

An anti burglary system

Weather resistant

Optional fly screen which is not seen from outside

100% Satisfied clients

Protection against material fraud

100% pure PVC Slats guaranteed

Every part of the rolling shutter is tested

CNC technology

Team is professional and capable, trained

30+ years of market experience and product experience.

Superior Design

On Time and on Budget


2 years of free AMC


Both side easy rolling

Outstanding acoustic features

Any color of your choice

Glass view transparency

 Opening speed 8 m / min;
 Motor Size 600Kg / 800Kg / 1000Kg etc
 Maximum size 10M High
 Operating voltage 380V (+6%, -10%), 50HZ;
  Operating temperature -20°C-60°C;
 Electrical motor and reduction box domestic or import lifting motor;
  Sound Insulation 40dB;
 Opening ways push button,pull cord,radar,induction loop,remote...(optional)


Homs (/hɔːms/;[1] Arabic: حمص‎‎ / ALA-LC: Ḥimṣ), previously known as Emesa (Greek: Ἔμεσα Emesa),[2] is a city in western Syria and the capital of the Homs Governorate. It is 501 metres (1,644 ft) above sea level and is located 162 kilometres (101 mi) north of Damascus.[3] Located on the Orontes River, Homs is also the central link between the interior cities and the Mediterranean coast.