Galvalume Shutters

Technologically advanced rolling shutter with Indian design, galvalume material consist of 55% aluminium 43.4% Zinc and 1.6% silicon. Material solidified in 600 degree centigrade high temperature to resist corrosion factors.

Galvalume Rolling Shutter are ideally suited for most types of Industrial and Commercial Application. The Aluminium – zinc alloy coating offers excellent corrosion resistance. It retains the sacrificial properties of zinc related steel whicle aluminium provides a tough film of aluminium oxide to increase barrier protection. Gatemaan s continue to gain approval by specifiers, architects, consultants, and contactors, builders and many other due to its versatility, ease of use, aesthetics and long – terms performance. Counter balance system for manual operation with strong and durable spring. Provide nylon belt to prevent noise, options for easy manual and electrical operation.




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Corrosion Resistance

Barrier Protection

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Protection against material fraud

Outstanding acoustic features

Every part of the rolling shutter is tested

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 Product Motorized Galvalume-shutter
Door Dimension
 Width Min. /Max. 1000/4200mm
  Height Min. /Max. 1000/4500mm Max. Area 18.0Sqm
 Opening Dimension Vertical
  Mounting Location Inside
 Door Material Aluminum Alloy
 Maximum Width * Height: 6*8m
 Type of box 165 185 205 250 300 350mm
 Thickness 1.2mm
 Surface Treatin Powder Coating
  The sevice life can be used 15 years
 Opening/Closing Speed 0.05m-0.2 m/sec

 Wind Resistance Up to 90 km/hr
Door Structure
 Slat Material Non Insulated Double Wall Aluminum profiled Slats
 Slat Profile Corrugation profile
 Bottom Profile Aluminum profile with Bottom Rubber sealing
 Side Guide Profile Aluminum profile with Rubber inserts on both ends.
 Roller Shaft M.S Tubular Pipe with flanges & machined shaft at the ends.
Pipe dia-100 to 300mm, as per the opening dimension.
 Side Brackets M.S plate 3mm to 10mm,as per the opening dimension
 Surface Finish Standard Off White Color
Special Color on request
Details for Automation System
 Control Type Deadman/Pulse Control
 Drive Type In Direct /Direct Connecting Drive
 Drive Unit Electric Motor(Imported Make) Single Phase/Three Phase
 Emergency Operation Manual operation by Hand chain
 Options Available Up to 90 km/hr
 Wind Resistance Perforation In Slat profile
Rolling Grill
Wicket Door for pedestrian entry
 Accessories(Optional) *can be integrated with advanced control Additional Push Button
Remote Control with receiver
Pull Cord Switch
 Certification CE VDE checked
 Protection Class IP54


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