Cantilever Gates

A cantilever gate is supported from rails that run along the inside of a fence structure. This is where it gets its name from – “cantilever” means “hangs over” the gate opening. These gates need to be wider than the usual slide gates in order to provide a counterbalance section along the fence structure where the gate is supported. This section is usually half of the width of the gate opening. They are suspended across the gate from the counterbalance, with no rollers on the ground. Because of this, cantilever gates provide no ground obstruction, making it a preferred choice for heavy-duty and industrial gate applications. Generally, no part of a cantilever gate comes in contact with the ground directly, or indirectly with any type of wheels. This gate instead “cantilevers” to close the opening. A cantilever gate construction allows for overhanging structures without external bracing. A cantilever gate frame constructed properly should be able to withstand forces of gravity and wind. Diagonal bracing and trusses are strategically placed to help the gate from sagging.

Cantilever gates are not dependent on lateral space requirements. A cantilever gate design is supported from one end as it opens and closes, because of this the need for a track requirement is eliminated across the gate opening and can span widths of up to 10m. Since it slides along the fence line, it eliminates the lateral space requirement needed by swing gates

Not dependent

uneven ground

weather Resistance

Longer operational

Easier to install




 Product Motorized Cantilever Gates
Gate Dimension
 Width Min. /Max. Single Leaf : 1000/12000mm Double Leaf :1000/24000mm
  Height Min. /Max. 1000/2200mm Larger Dimension on request
 Max. Number of Leaves Two
  Opening Direction Horizontal
 Warranty Limited Lifetime on the motor, gears, and rail assembly
 illumination 500 Lumens of integrated LED lighting provides over 30.000 hours
 technology Multi-bit code technology 315MHz 2-channel remote control is included
 Available In Mild-Steel,Stainless Steel,Wood & Steel combination,Aluminum and with Hot-dip galvanization including powder coad.
  HPcs HPcs indicates that Synergy 380 meets Marantec’s specifications for 1.1 HP garage door operators
 maintenance Operator and rail system are maintenance free
  safety system photo eye safety system is equipped with UV filters in order to eliminate interference created by sunlight
 Mounting Location Inside
 Mounting Surface Bottom Rail: RCC Columns : RCC
Gate Design
 Pattern Standard Mild Steel Tubular pattern
 Gate Frame Heavy Duty Box Section Or as per the clients specific design
 Internal vertical member Heavy Duty Vertical Box sections Or as per the clients specific design.

 Bottom Rail polished bright bar with I-beam support.
 Bottom Rollers Heavy Duty Bottom Wheel with both side bearings
 Full height Column Heavy Duty Box Section Or as per the clients specific design Special Color on request
 Guide Rollers Nylon Rollers with bearings both side mounted on column for support & smooth movement of gate.
 Other available gate material Stainless Steel, Hot dip Galvanized
 Sheets M.S/GI/Perforated /Aluminum sheets Polycarbonate / Acrylic / PVC Sheet/Glass/Wood
 Ornamental Designs On Request or as per client design.
 Options Available Spikes as per requirement Wicket gate/Side Gates in the similar pattern as the main gate, Inbuilt gate in the similar pattern as the main gate, Any type of Customized Design can be made on request
 Surface Finish Standard: Red Oxide Primer Optional: Enamel Painting/Duco/PU painting Available with or without sand Blasting
Details for automation system
 Drive Unit Electric Motor(Imported) Single/Three Phase
 Emergency Operation Manual release knob
 Accessories Operational Accessories, Additional Push Button, Key switch, Remote Control with receiver, Magnetic Loop Detector
 Certification CE
 Protection Class IP44 – IP55


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