The rolling shutter which is made up of aluminum is called aluminum shutters. These shutters serve best in time of climatic conditions
Gatemaan's aluminum roller shutters present an ideal solution where the environment of your building needs to be consistent and also at the same time it should enhance the look of any modern architecture. Insulated rolling shutter automatic minimizes energy loss both with heat flow through and around the curtain. They are very much suitable for loading bays, warehouses, factories and any applications where security is required together with more thermal insulation.
Our aluminum roller shutters is custom designed to completely suite your specification as the shutter strips are individually insulated with PUF and gives an improvised insulation value to that stipulated by standard building regulations
Our aluminum shutters are also suitable for wide door openings which have to withstand harsh weather conditions. These insulated aluminum shutters have a smooth and noiseless operation. Also as an additional feature galvanized steel slats, guide, and bottom rail prevents these remote shutters from rusting and help to provide a long life to these shutters.

Aluminum shutters

Aluminium Shutters

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The rolling shutter made of aluminum is called aluminum shutters. Aluminum shutters are ideal for all areas of your home, showrooms and also for offices. They can be used internally and externally, and are perfect for your alfresco and outdoor living areas.


They can be used internally and externally, and are perfect for your alfresco and outdoor living areas. If you are considering exterior shutters for your home, office or showroom then our aluminum shutters are the most durable and suitable option for you.


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  • Aluminum shutters are almost available in the double wall with and without insulation
  • Remote shutters and aluminum shutters are suitable for internal applications where aesthetics are more of focus.
  • Available in the adonized finish, Natural Aluminum finish or powder coating.
  • Rolling shutter automatic is self-sufficient and can be operated by just a single push button.
  • Also, a fingertip control to open and close shutters of any size with the utmost ease from a single push button switch or a radio remote control transmitter.
  • Our aluminum shutters have features that are in build high-performance drives, intelligent and smart controls.
  • Drives have weight carrying a capacity of almost up to 2000kgs
  • In case of any power failure, these shutters can be operated much more manually using a hand crank or chain drive
  • Our drives are inbuilt with Anti Drop device and also an additional electromagnetic brake to make sure that the door does not free fall in any of the worst conditions.

  • These aluminum shutters can be used internally and externally and are completely perfect for your alfresco and your outdoor living areas. If you are considering exterior shutters for your home, office or showroom then our aluminum roller shutters are the most durable and suitable option for you.

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 Product Motorized Non insulated Aluminum Double Wall rolling Shutters
Door Dimension
 Width Min. /Max. 1000/4200mm
  Height Min. /Max. 1000/4500mm Max. Area 18.0Sqm
 Opening Dimension Vertical
  Mounting Location Inside
 Product Name Industrial waterproof automatic electric roll up high speed door window inserts
 Color red, yellow, orange, blue, grey etc
 Motor systems Motor: Del or Senlima Motor, 220v/50Hz, one phase
Power: 0.75kw~2.2kw ( according to the size of the door)
  Control Panel Danvers Brand,Including Inverter, PLC and other components.Size Option: 0.75KW
 Transparent Rectangle or Ellipse. As well as the size
  window 2. Thickness: 0.8mm/1.5mm Curtain
 Command Floor Sensor control, Radar sensor, Rope Switch, remote control, push botton. More optional povided,Like Finger printer, Key card etc.

 Opening/Closing Speed 0.05m-0.2 m/sec
 Wind Resistance Up to 90 km/hr
Door Structure
 Slat Material Non Insulated Double Wall Aluminum profiled Slats
 Slat Profile Corrugation profile
 Bottom Profile Aluminum profile with Bottom Rubber sealing
 Side Guide Profile Aluminum profile with Rubber inserts on both ends.
 Roller Shaft M.S Tubular Pipe with flanges & machined shaft at the ends.
Pipe dia-100 to 300mm, as per the opening dimension.
 Side Brackets M.S plate 3mm to 10mm,as per the opening dimension
 Surface Finish Standard Off White Color
Special Color on request
Details for Automation System
 Control Type Deadman/Pulse Control
 Drive Type In Direct /Direct Connecting Drive
 Drive Unit Electric Motor(Imported Make) Single Phase/Three Phase
 Emergency Operation Manual operation by Hand chain
 Options Available Up to 90 km/hr
 Wind Resistance Perforation In Slat profile
Rolling Grill
Wicket Door for pedestrian entry
 Accessories(Optional) *can be integrated with advanced control Additional Push Button
Remote Control with receiver
Pull Cord Switch
 Certification CE VDE checked
 Protection Class IP54